Acrylic Nail Course

Our accredited diploma Acrylic Nail Course runs 1 day a week for 4 weeks. It teaches Acrylic tip and overlay (both French, natural tips and glitter encased tips), as well as infills and soaking off the nails.
No prior experience is required for this course, and it is suitable for complete beginners, through to students that just need to brush up on skills.

Learning outcomes

- Salon health, safety and hygiene
- Anatomy and physiology of the nail structure
- Understanding contraindications that prevent or restrict the applications of acrylic nails
- Be able to consult, plan and prepare for acrylic nail treatments with clients
- Preparation of workstation
- Be able to carry out a full nail application including soak off
- Be able to provide aftercare advice for clients

Dress code

Please wear professional attire

Hair tied back

No false / gel nails on

What you need to know?

You must attend all 4 days of the course

You must bring with you a model on the second and forth day of the course

You must be 18+

We recommend you bring a lite lunch

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The course is accredited by ABT. It includes a certificate which will enable you to obtain liability Insurance.